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Nintendo DSi Console: Backward Compatibility and Wi-Fi Ready multi game - DSi MultiCarts

DSi cartridgeHow would you like to have a Wi-Fi ready game console with a DSi Multi-Game Cartridge (DSi MultiCart)? This way, yo u will be able to enjoy multiple DSi games, Play multiplayer plus surf the Internet when you need something. You have two very useful features there that you can conveniently bring along with you wherever you want to go.
You will not only be bringing with you your NDS console for the sake of entertaining yourself with up to a hundred full DS and DSi games on one cartridge. However, this Nintendo DSi with the Wi-Fi Wireless Link built-in feature only accepts the new NDi Multi-Game cards. Yet, the convenience that you can get with the console being Internet-ready is truly significant. If you want to check the latest updates about Nintendo DS, you can do so by surfing the Internet too. Changing the current games in your Nintendo DSi Multi-carts is definitely possible. You will have an idea as to what multi games you can put in your multi-cart. When you want to change entertainment, you can also resort to the Internet for other forms of entertainment. If you are a student, this is even more beneficial for you. You can bring this at school and easily do your research on school topics and projects.
The Nintendo DSi console is built with backward compatibility to be able to process NES, GameBy and GBC games from special DSi multicarts. If you still have these games on cartridges, you can use them. There is no need to keep them hidden, collecting dusts in the attic. You can still enjoy your good old Gameboy game carts.
These are the features that make Nintendo DS consoles stand out among the other similar products in the market. These are the features that do not only make them good game consoles but the best too. It makes it worth every dollar you spend for it, and is surely something you will not regret.

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